"DOSTOEVSKY AND THE THEATER". Virtual exhibition

On the 11th of November, 1821, was born Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. To the 200th anniversary of great Russian writer Stю Petersburg State Theater Library prepared virtual exhibition "Dostoevsky and the Theater" based on the materials of the exhibition "Dostoevsky in the perception of Petersburg artists. From the collections of the Library".

Heroes of Dostoevsky’s novels do not leave the world theatre grounds for more than 100 years. And there are just as many fierce discussions on possibility of writer stagings without losing images of his novels. The idea itself to break genius artwork into acts and scenes is a question of debate. But what can be objected to theatre directors intention to embody the genius works of literature and the desire of the public to see Dostoevsky’s heroes on the stage?

The exhibition presents title pages of censored copies, sketches, playbills, theatre artists paintings after writer’s works from the Theater Library collection and collection of St. Petersburg State Museum of Theater and Music Art.

Site: https://www.exhibitions.sptl.spb.ru/dostoevsky