May 25 - September 9, 2018. 17th International Sand Sculpture Festival on the Beach of Peter and Paul Fortress

В 2018 году тема Фестиваля песчаных скульптур – мировые шедевры. Скульпторы создали из песка самые яркие мировые произведения искусства - шедевры архитектуры, скульптуры и живописи, большинство из которых входит в список объектов, охраняемых всемирной организацией ЮНЕСКО.

In 2018, the theme of the Sand Sculpture Festival is world masterpieces.

The list of sculptures presented at the festival includes such world heritage reproduced in sand sites as the carved Milan Cathedral, the mysterious Mayan pyramid, the Colossus of Rhodes, Great Wall of China, the mysterious Egyptian Sphinx and the sculptures of Ramses II, which became symbol of Egypt along with the pyramids. The Central and the highest composition of the Sand Sculpture Festival will be the Church of the Transfiguration from the world-famous Kizhi island in Karelia, assembled without a single nail. This sculpture will be a record high for all the years of the Sand Sculptures Festival in St. Petersburg, and will be as much as ten meters high. This choice was made by the organizers to outline the antiquity and immortality of the great creations of human hands, while their sand copies are short time masterpieces.

Every year the technology of creating sand sculptures becomes more complex and interesting. This year, sculptors will present for the first time a three-dimensional version of the most famous paintings in the form of complex panoramic compositions. This interpretation of the paintings has not been shown ever before at any of sand sculpture festival all over the world! The sculptors will show the audience their vision of masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Ilya Repin, Alphonse Mucha. One of the most striking exhibits reflecting the creative idea of the festival will be the painting of Salvador Dali "The Persistence of Memory", also known as "Melting clocks", in this case, made entirely of sand - fragile material, dissolving in an endless river of time.